We will begin a spiritual gifts class on Sunday, April 3rd.  The class will begin at 9:15 a.m. each Sunday and will continue for 6 -8 weeks.

Before the class begins we would like for you to take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory.  You can take it by clicking on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FAC_Spiritual_Gifts

Come and join us each Sunday at 9:15 a.m. to learn where God has gifted you for ministry in the body of Christ.

We invite you to join us as we read through the Bible.  Click on the monthly link for a daily Bible reading schedule.  This will take you through the entire Bible in the year 2016.

January Bible Reading Schedule

February Bible Reading Schedule

March Bible Reading Schedule

April Bible Reading Schedule

May Bible Reading Schedule

June Bible Reading Schedule

July Bible Reading Schedule

August Bible Reading Schedule

September Bible Reading Schedule

October Bible Reading Schedule

November Bible Reading Schedule

December Bible Reading Schedule

Online Giving is Now Available!

Don’t carry cash or checks?  You can now give from the convenience of our Giving Kiosk or by using your computer or smart phone.  You can click on this LINK to go to our online giving web site or you can Scan the QR code with your phone to get to our online giving web site.  (You will need to download a QR Code reader app for your smart phone.)

Once you register, there are many things you can do: you can give a one time gift or you can set up a recurring gift.  You can give to the General Fund, the Great Commission Fund or many other various accounts that have been set up.  You can also register for events and pay the costs of any event right here from the convenience of your computer or smart phone.

Give it a try.  You can support the ministry of the church without the hassle of carrying your checkbook.

We will continue to receive offerings in the church service as well, but if this works better for you, please feel free to use it.

Click here for help:
How to Give Electronically at FAC